Sponsor- and partnership program

Our partnership program reflects the global reach of our company, our values and our products. We want to contribute to a more viable society in everything we do. Aluminium is an important product and a cornerstone in the development of a modern and environmentally conscious society.

Hydro is currently working with many organizations, including Save the Children, Amnesty International Norway, Transparency International Norway, the Nobel Peace Center and the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. We are very proud to work with these partners.

In our partnership projects we look for qualities that align with our profile as an aluminium company. Our partnership strategy is about people, planet and possibilities, both nationally and internationally. Future partnerships must therefore match these categories in a good way.


People represent our most important resource. We therefore seek partners and projects that promote education, culture or humanitarian work.

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The Caseca project

Through a partnership between Hydro, the union Industri og Energi, and local authorities in Brazil, youngsters in Paragominas are using iPad tablet computers to expand their knowledge about the digital world. Fifteen tablets have been installed at desks made of aluminium at a activity and educational center in the northeastern state of Pará, where Hydro owns and operates the world’s largest bauxite mine.

The program is important for the entire local community of Paragominas. It helps give the young people improved educational opportunities as well as an introduction to a popular production with a lot of aluminium in it. It gives them insight into the possibilities from bauxite from the area where they live.

The Caseca project has been well received by the schoolchildren who are studying music, karate, indoor football, and art. Computer opportunities have long been on their wish list and contribute to learning through creative activities and play.

Save the Children

Whether it concerns products, research or exercising social responsibility, Hydro is committed to contributing to a more viable society. This is an important part of our purpose. Children represent the future, which is why we support Save the Children.

Since 1988, many of Hydro's employees have requested voluntary monthly salary deductions to raise money for Save the Children. These donations have supported several aid projects in Mozambique, Uganda, Ethiopia and Nicaragua, including opening of health centers, construction of hospitals, and support for various school projects.


The Nobel Peace Center

At Hydro we are proud of our longstanding partnership with the Nobel Peace Center. The Nobel Peace Center reflects courage, respect and determination, all of which are fundamental values for Hydro, and is therefore an important and appropriate partner for Hydro. We also cooperate with the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

In front of the entrance to the Peace Center stands Canopy, an art installation in aluminium, donated by Hydro. Canopy was designed by world-renowned architect David Adjaye and was produced entirely by Hydro units in Karmøy, Norway.

The outer surface of the portal delineates the world's continents so that passers-by see the earth's surface from within. The floor and ceiling are curved in the middle of the portal to enhance the experience. The effect is further enhanced by internal spotlights that shine both from below and above.

Canopy was originally intended to be made from steel, but when weather, weight and surface properties were considered, aluminium was chosen – as it often is.

The installation was officially opened on 11 June 2005 by royal visitors to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.


Amnesty International Norway

Amnesty International is a global organization that campaigns to end grave abuses of human rights.

Hydro has cooperated with Amnesty International Norway since 2002.

Amnesty provides Hydro with information about human rights and acts as a discussion partner on issues concerning corporate social responsibility and human rights.

Hydro provides Amnesty with insight into the human rights dilemmas that international companies may face.


Transparency International Norway

Transparency International is a global organization that works to eliminate corruption.

Transparency International has significantly raised the profile of the fight against corruption, and works with governments, organizations and companies.

Hydro has been actively involved in formulating Transparency International's Business Principles for Countering Bribery and works with both Transparency International’s international and Norwegian secretariats. Hydro was also involved in founding Transparency International Norway.


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Hydro is working to reduce its own energy consumption and emissions. By producing aluminium components for cars, buildings and packaging, we also help our customers to do likewise. We actively recycle so that the aluminium we produce can last forever by being reused in new applications. We are interested in finding partners who use aluminium to deliver environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption and increased recycling.

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Tea Light Hunt

Tea Light Hunt was a competition to collect used tea candles held from 1 October 2011 to 31 March 2012 for first- to fourth-grade pupils across Norway. The campaign was organized by the WWF and IKEA Norway in cooperation with the non-profit recycling organization Green Dot, the commercial recycler Syklus, and Hydro. 26,000 students participated and more than 13 million aluminium tea light cups were collected, registered and delivered to collection points for metal recycling.

The hunt for tea lights was combined with informing the pupils that recycling of aluminium requires only five percent of the energy used to produce the metal for the first time.

The purpose of the Tea Light Hunt was to create useful items from what is usually regarded as trash. The nineteen county winners and national champion were announced at the end of the competition. The prize was a class trip to Hydro's recycling plant in Holmestrand where the children got to see their own tea light cups melted down.


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We believe that the future belongs to those who can develop solutions to climate change and other challenges. Consequently, we will always consider partnerships in research, technology development and design where aluminium is part of the solution.

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Powerhouse is an alliance aimed at developing energy-positive buildings that was founded in 2011 by the property management firm Entra Eiendom, the construction company Skanska, the architectural firm Snøhetta, the environmental organization ZERO and Hydro. Powerhouse aims to demonstrate that it is possible to build energy-positive buildings not only in warm climates but also in colder climates such as that in Norway.



The sculpture Climax was commissioned by Hydro and the Nobel Peace Center and created by the artist Magne Furuholmen. The work is made from recycled aluminium. Climax was first presented on December 11, 2007 to the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007, Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Today the sculpture is on display at Hydro's head office in Oslo.

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